Evidence of it All

Nostalgia, solitude, and inner secrets let viewers escape into a beautifully modern twist on the classic theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Evidence of it All
Drew Jacoby directs her first short film for SF Danceworks. Pulitzer-winning librettist Royce Vavrek to create a story and text based on the concept of the seven cardinal sins through the lens of a woman in solitude, pulsating through her memories. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists Maya Deren and Peter Lindbergh, Jacoby's graphic movement style and aesthetic give the dance film an eerie, absurd, and sometimes surreal sensuality. With narration by Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike and sound design by the brilliant composer Mikael Karlsson (Alicia Keys and Lykke Li collaborator), dancer Meredith Webster takes the viewer on an intimate and riveting journey through her troubled mind, shedding light on the perpetual inner carnal struggle.
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