Cold Genius

In Purcell's opera we see Cold Genius and Cupid in reconciliation, but in this haunting and dark performance, a way out is not on the table. This piece expresses the 'mourning of the state of the world' and was created in the midst of the isolating and uncertain Covid-19 pandemic lock-down.
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Cold Genius
"Ballet Vlaanderen’s ongoing 'Imagination Is Alive' series pairs musicians and dancers, filmed around their home city of Antwerp. Cold Genius has dancer Matt Foley in a flesh-coloured leotard tending towards the absurd, his bouncing, bending, quivering and tip-toeing body lent gravitas by the intense, authoritative bass-baritone Justin Hopkins watching over him in an empty theatre, singing Purcell’s What Power Art Thou. It’s peculiarly compelling." -The Guardian

Cold Genius

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Drew Jacoby

Matt Foley

Justin Hopkins

Henry Purcell

Conal Bembridge-Sayers

Photos by Nicha Rodboon