Rachel Nevada

A commission by The Joyce Theater in New York as part of Maria Kochetkova’s program “Catch Her If You Can,” Rachel, Nevada is a whimsical duet that gives a nod to vintage futurism with original music by DJ and music producer Sam Spiegel and video projection by Belgian design studio, Toykyo.
"Austin Powers psychedelia was projected on the cyclorama, and Kochetkova and Jacoby danced off-pointe in a mixture of choreography and noodling. The projections diminished, they touched one another and the piece was done. “Rachel, Nevada,” was incomprehensible, but with more personality than anything else up to that point, as if the Teletubbies guest-starred on “Sprockets.” And that goofball weirdness is very much a part of Kochetkova’s brand." -Dancelog NYC

Drew Jacoby

Joyce Theater, New York City, July 2019

Sam Spiegel

Costume Design
Anja Mlaklar

Visual Design

Lighting Design
Stacey Boggs

Original Cast:
• Maria Kochetkova
• Drew Jacoby

Photos © Rachel Neville